Domotics in Málaga, Marbella, Sotogrande, Nueva Andalucía, Benahavís, San Pedro de Alcantara, Estepona, Nerja...


The domotics can do the lighting in your home or business safer, more efficient and more comfortable to use.

  • illuminate the exterior and interior of your home with LED lights, you can change their color.
  • Decorate rooms with dimmer lights.
  • Lights with motion sensors in corridors and bathrooms. They only light up when there is not enough light or are operated from the switch.
  • Get the light you want when you need it.
  • Time schedules can be used to simulate presence within the home or business. This increases the security of your home.
  • Due to real-time control we can know the number of lights lit without checking each of the areas of the installation.
  • Additionally, we can control the maximum time that certain lights may remain lit. Increasing energy efficiency in cases where carelessness can waste energy unnecessarily.

Blinds and awnings are integrated into the system providing comfort and safety.

  • By controlling the blinds you'll get an ideal ambience in the inner luminosity of your home.
  • Intelligent control and automatic blinds provide the comfort you need at all times.
  • Your awnings will be protected. When it's windy or rainy they will automatically close to prevent damage. Similarly, the blinds will act on sunny days to protect the interior of your home from the sun.
  • With time schedules you can simulate presence in your home or business when you are elsewhere.
  • You can check the status of the blinds at all times. Do not ask yourself again if you left some blind or awning up.
  • The motorization and the intelligent control extend the life of awnings and blinds.
Air conditioning

Good management of air conditioning can mean major improvements in comfort and energy savings.

  • Making the most out of our air conditioning system.
  • Unnecessary costs can be avoided. If we open a window in a room, the air conditioning of the area is disconnected after some period of time.
  • Simplify the use of air conditioning and underfloor heating in the same control. This way, you get remarkable improvements in aesthetics and functionality.
  • Ease of use, controlling the air conditioning by individual zones or all zones simultaneously.
  • With time schedules you can have your home at the perfect temperature when you come from work, you get up in the morning or at night while you sleep.

We give your home or business the appropriate security so you can sleep, go on holiday or just go out for a weekend away from home with no worries.

  • Have the entire system under control and interact with it at all times.
  • The presence simulator prevents burglary ​​in empty houses.
  • Thanks to sensors on doors and windows you make sure you don't leave anything open.
  • If there is an intrusion, you will receive a notice on your phone, the alarms will sound loud and the house will act according to your needs: Turning lights on/off, playing music, opening/closing blinds ...
  • You can set the alarm to be active in the time slots you need, so you won't forget to turn it on/off.